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Forum Rules - Please Read Empty Forum Rules - Please Read

Post  AKP on Fri Sep 02, 2011 8:45 pm

Even though we all know each other, it's best we have some rules governing what we post here. Most are just plain common sense.

1) No Pornography - Sorry guys... but as much as we all like looking at boobies, its against the TOS for these forums.

2) No discussions about politics, race, or religion.

3) No flaming, baiting, harassing, degrading, or demeaning your squadmates here. If you have an issue with a squadmate, settle it in person, or take it up the chain... keep it off these boards. But feel free to talk shit about other players and squads we dont fly with.

4) Do not Hi-Jack or post off topic comments in an existing thread. Start a new one if you want to talk about something else.

5) Please post your topic in the relevant forum.

6) Some of the information on the forums is considered "TOP SECRET" and is for squadron members only. Do not pass any information posted here on to non squadron members in AH2.

7) Forum Access is contingent upon your status as a member of G3 in the Main Arenas. Those who chose to leave the squadron, or are "transferred" out by the CO will have their account on these forums deleted. Those who chose to leave may always reapply for membership.

The Admin Staff may add to, or modify these rules if there if there is a need to do so. Squadron members will be notified of any changes.
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